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  • You are interested in researching your World War I or World War II veteran’s story and understanding how that shaped them and the entire family. I will also share information on what happened post-war when the veteran returned (or did not return) home. You might be surprised how your family and you were impacted by the war and return home.

  • You are ready to identify the deeper layers of your ancestral lineage including the beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and ancestral traumas you live and hold within yourself.

  • You want to incorporate family history, veteran experiences, and genealogy into your life and healing experience.

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Who Am I?

Hello! I'm Jennifer Holik, a Spiritual Coach, Cosmic Puzzle Master, and Intuitive healer specializing in inherited trauma, family patterns, war trauma, and personal & ancestral healing. This Substack is for my readers and subscribers. Each month, I share with them:

  • Ways in which we can connect with our ancestors, spirit guides, healing teams, and angels.

  • Tips, resources, and how-to’s to help you dive into the layers of your family stories, personal experiences, genealogy & military records to find and heal the beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and inherited traumas that hold you back in life.

  • Tools to help you identify your family’s belief, behaviors, and patterns that keep you stuck.

  • Examples and case studies on personal & ancestral healing.

  • Updates on my writing and new releases.

  • Genealogy & WWI and WWII research tips, websites, and more.

  • Book reviews to help you dive more deeply into your spiritual work.

If you have wandered here accidentally, stay and browse around. You never know which resource, article, or tool will be exactly what you need to step into the next authentic version of yourself and heal.

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Connect with your ancestors through stories, genealogy & military research, to identify & heal inherited trauma, family patterns, & war trauma (especially WWII). I help you transform through personal & ancestral healing. Where will your journey take you?


Genealogist, military researcher, & intuitive healer specializing in inherited trauma & ancestral healing. Author of 20+ books on genealogy & military topics. I help people identify ancestral beliefs, behaviors, & patterns keeping them stuck.